The Whale

by Form & Void

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Why did you bring me here
To a place of such darkness
The only light is like a candle in a tomb

Everyone thrives on fear
It's bought and sold never harnessed
Shouts from the pulpit the black angel of doom

This is no place for a God fearing man
Trembling hands draw a line in the sand
Ready to throw the first and last stone
We live in glass houses we love to call home
Until everything comes crumbling down.
Gripping the ashes of Gomorrah
Return to the fount
Try not to drown

How did I get here
In the midst of this tempest
As they cry to their gods unknown

Nothing is clear
Blinded by the temptress
Can't see beyond what's flesh and bone

What I have longed for has been hunting me
I am a free man in the belly of a beast
If salvation comes I swear I'll be a man worth saving
And when I reach that beautiful shore
I'll never ask for anything more
I'll only speak the truth
If truth is what you are craving
What they crave are mouths like open graves
Dress in black this is a funeral procession
Not much to say trapped beneath the waves
Dress in white
This is my last confession

Ahab! You godless wretch
Stop the ship before we wreck
Headed straight for endless death
There's still time for one more breath
What will you do with it
Breathe in air that fills your lungs
Or choke on songs already sung
By men who lie in beds made at the bottom of the sea
Their last words were we are free
Oh Lord let mine be simply put I am a slave to thee
I am a slave to thee


released November 9, 2016
Recorded with Tim Bushong at T.Bush Recording



all rights reserved


Form & Void Indianapolis, Indiana

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