Without Warning

by Form & Void

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released June 24, 2016

Recorded with Brian Thorburn at Threshold Studios



all rights reserved


Form & Void Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: The Lie
Touch the staff to stone.
Trust me enough to leave well enough alone
Your waters are enough to satisfy
If not for the craving in my heart for the poison in the vine
So entangled and enthralled with the shape of things to come
It's the bottom of an empty glass
And an ocean filled with blood
And time only tells us stories of the past
"It's only a dream. Go back to sleep" our subconscious says as it laughs
But we play the film over and over again.
Hoping the more we watch it the more it all makes sense
At the end it must be a beautiful story
Such a well orchestrated lie to manipulate the truth seen
Welcome to the stage the lie we'd like to be
Presenting to the world the lie we'd like to be
But it's all so fake and counterfeit
If they knew the heart beneath the skin
That would be the end of it
Let's face it
This world isn't our home
Oh wandering children please come home
Nothing satisfies me like that water from the stone
Oh God I need you
Track Name: Comatose Kings
Everything is black and white
Everyone is seeing red
How much longer must we fight
How much longer 'til I'm dead
Voices scream until they give
Every word unto the wind
Then man looks down at his fist
Let the latest war begin

I hope you see everything the way that I see
Please join the world as it revolves around me
Go on and speak your mind like you're someone that's free
Go on believe it's fine
Just place your faith in me

Everyone is now a god
But we all worship something
Always doing as we're taught
Products of society
Bowing to the tv screen
That feeds the lies we love to eat
Turn up the volume and sing
Chorus for comatose kings
Track Name: Of Thieves
It seems we've lost ourselves
Is there any hope to find
Every voice screams freedom
Every limb loves that which binds
Wretched man that I am
I love everything I hate
And hate everything I love
A sinner inside a saint

How can we contain you
Who are we to build your house
Bodies like broken temples
Someone's bound to find us out
You kiss the mouths of thieves
Not worthy to kiss your feet
Blood colored teeth
Don't smile

I want to live for you but I can't bring myself to die
I want to love you but I am so in love with the last thing on my mind
The next thought will walk across and leave behind a line
I want to run to you but I can't reach the other side

You'll give yourself away

Sometimes freedom looks like restraint
Sometimes peace feels like pain
Sometimes you can't rest until you wake up
Sometimes you can't hate until you love someone

You'll give yourself away